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Guy Leach sent 28 days ago

Elysium - Day 18 July 28—Donegal to Dublin A very rainy morning and I am thankful that I had such a great last day...

Guy Leach sent 29 days ago

No Rush - Day 17 July 27—Sligo to Donegal, 84 km My last morning and I get the full Irish breakfast—fried eggs,...

Guy Leach sent 30 days ago

Irish Connection - Day 16 July 26—Foxford to Sligo, 87 km While cloudy, it is not raining when I leave the B&B. The ...

Guy Leach sent 31 days ago

Spontaneity - Day 15 July 25—Westport to Foxford, 112 km It was raining slightly as I loaded the bike and took of...

Guy Leach sent 32 days ago

Alone time - Day 14 July 24—Maam to Westport, 110 km As expected, the skies were cloudy this morning, but it wasn’t ...