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Most visited English trips

Visiting our friends Doug and Niki with a stop in Virginia on the way home to see my cousin Mandy and her family!

Latest English posts

Jim Stembridge sent today

Back in Cesarana - Wednesday, my cousin Giovanni Bonini (with his wife Gabriella) took the six of us (my Brother Syd...

rogerseb sent today

J5 - Chengdu (500m) -

rogerseb sent today

J4 - Songpan (2800m) - Ville fortifiée Chinoise, située à l'ancienne frontière avec le Tibet.

Jim Stembridge sent 2 days ago

Intimate Experience with the Grand Canal - Exclusive review for TripAdvisor of the Club del Doge Restauant, Venice ...

Jim Stembridge sent 4 days ago

Venice Theme Park - Venice is the historic preservation of a once-dominant regional culture. From their little sinking ...