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Visiting our friends Doug and Niki with a stop in Virginia on the way home to see my cousin Mandy and her family!

Latest English posts

Peťa a Pepe sent yesterday

Cancun - Po pohode na Isla Holbox jsme zase v turustickem Cancunu,davame si vyborne ceviche a nakupujeme posledni...

Peťa a Pepe sent 2 days ago

Isla Holbox - Po velmi dlouhem presunu z Veracruz do Cancunu, 20,5 hodiny, jsme nasledujici den vyrazili na Isla...

Peťa a Pepe sent 5 days ago

Karnevalovy Veracruz - Karnevalem ve Veracruzu zije cele Mexiko, a proto jsme neopemenuli zastavit se v tomto case v...

Peťa a Pepe sent a week ago

Mexico City a corrida - S prijemne Oaxacy jsme hlavne kvuli koride odjeli do smogem zahaleneho Mexico City. Museli jsme ...

Peťa a Pepe sent 8 days ago

Oaxaca, to prave Mexiko - V Oaxace jsme meli moznost ochutnat spoustu skvostu mexicke kuchyne, zejmena nekolik druhu...