About the company

Veteran Technology entrepreneur, Michal Bláha started OnTheRoad Inc. in 2004 to provide a valuable connective resource to the traveling community. OnTheRoad Inc. was designed to give travelers a smart, fun and convenient way to share photos and thoughts as they experience them. Michal Blaha understood that the hardest part of traveling can be the distance from friends and family. OnTheRoad gives travelers the ability to share their adventures instantly, so that they can spend less time homesick, and more time loving their journey. Innovative technology and easy to use design makes OnTheRoad one of the most competitive travel resources available online.

About OnTheRoad

Your friend is traveling the world. He’s not due back for a month, yet you knew when he arrived in Caro. You got to see the funny camel that spit on him. You watched a video of him swimming in the red sea. You knew when he missed his plane to the Netherlands and had a two day layover in Germany. You sent him wine tips when he needed them in Italy. You shared the sunset over the Swiss Alps. All because your friend used www.ontheroad.to.

OnTheRoad is the newest online trip book that gives you the ability to share your journey every step of the way with those back home. By providing you with great tools such as an interactive map, you’re able to track your locations and plan your next destination. Easily publish photos and videos to share with your friends and family. Upload personal notes about each experiences to make the memories last forever. Connect with other travelers and be inspired by their thoughts, photos and destinations.

The main emphasis is placed on simplicity. Every account is accessible through web interface or email. From your personal OnTheRoad account you can access all your email contacts and select who you would like to keep informed. A new application is also available for the iPhone, Android or Windows Mobile, with all the same site features to upload photos, videos, post your location and send notes to your contacts.