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Kimberly Smith sent 4 hour ago

Konzert! - Only on a trip with Motor or do we end up seeing the Tubes in Berlin. The concert venue was a great little...

Kimberly Smith sent 4 hour ago

Train to Berlin and Hotel Check-in - Left Bamberg on Saturday morning for a gorgeous 4 hour train ride to Berlin. This...

Kimberly Smith sent yesterday

Bamberg Part Zwei - It was another gorgeous day here in Bamberg. I spent the morning walking around the then-quiet...

Kimberly Smith sent 2 days ago

Picturesque Bamberg - I woke up extra early, probably because I was excited to leave Munich. Munich was fine and...

Kimberly Smith sent 2 days ago

Day trip to Austria - After sleeping 12 hours I was happy that I felt well enough for our day excursion to Salzburg,...