81 of trips including South Africa

Nasce la mappa dei luoghi e delle immagini di Shoot For Change.it La nascita di un’iniziativa creativa, di una piattaforma di idee, di obiettivi comuni è sempre una buona notizia. Ce lo diciamo da...

Kids and Suzy off to visit the family in South Africa

sacre coeur bez náměstí du Tertre by nebyla sacre coeur, takže jsme se hned z vyhlídky vydali tam... z učebnice francouzštiny a obrázků ho mám spojeno jednak se slovíčkem pitoresque, jednak s představou rozličných umělců nahňácaných na...

>We decided to make this trip as we both have a fascination for Africa and it seemed like a challenge. We will be raising money for a couple of charities but first and foremost we are doing it for...

Got picked up from campsite around 4pm by African guide in open sided jeep. Saw more tiny warthogs and jackal on way. We stopped to photo every single one!First up was waahaa, an orphan leopard who was too habituated with humans to...

Well today was our last day in San Francisco and we spent a majority of it sleeping :) We were up and ready at about 1pm and went and bought some food to have a picnic in golden gate park. After lunch we headed to the exploratorium. At...

My mother and I will be travelling together to Ushuaia where we will board the MV Expedition on a cruise of a lifetime. We will be crossing the Drake Passage to the Antarctic Peninsula. We will then...

4 X 4 - safari through Botswana + Namibia with my honey, Dirk and Kim, Stijn and Liesbeth, Jelle and Ellen!

Notre voyage en Afrique australe. Nous visiterons 6 pays Stay tune!

As Michael has a project to work on in Australia, we will be spending the time in July in Australia, mainly in Adelaide. While Michael will be working, I hope to work on my golf handicap and painting ...

Je ne voulais pas quitter ce pays sans avoir visité le « Grand Zimbabwe  ». C’est la plus grande cité médiévale au sud du Sahara, le site le plus sacré du pays, tellement sacré qu’il a donné son nom au pays en 1980. Il a également été...

A 4am flight doesn't seem like a bad idea when you are booking your flight months ahead, but it certainly does when you are at the airport at 2am being told that they have over sold the flight (and a number of other excuses including they...

Jnb - zanzibar on 1time airline

Hallo daar,De afgelopen 4 dagen zijn echt voooorbij gevlogen, eigenlijk heb ik nu pas tijd een berichtje te posten :-8We hebben ondertusen wel al wat avonturen mogen beleven, van het slapen in een tentenkamp tussen 34 huilende leeuwen (we...

A 12 day trip of Kwazulu Natal and Plettenberg Bay

Na ruim twintig jaar gaan we weer met zijn tweeën op vakantie. Met Jelle in Kenia, Pepijn in Wisconsin (USA) en Anne-Sietske in Malawi, maken wij samen een rondreis door het oosten van Zuid-Afrika.

London-Vancouver-Venezuela-Brazil-Peru-Bolivia-Argentina-South Africa

With some time to kill between my travels, I thought I'd visit my sisters and their families in South Africa.


7 months, 7000 miles away at 17. January 2nd i depart New Zealand to make one of my biggest dreams come true, voluntary work with children in Africa. My name is Danni Roberts and this is my journey.

Johannesburg - Kaapstad - Johannesburg

Firefly spice eating house


Vertrek Schiphol. Lange vlucht voor de boeg. Maar ja er wacht ons wat moois.

We left home around 2pm to head down to Stellenbosch. Quick stop at the Paddocks. Sample dialog: M: Can we stop at the pharmacy quickly? J: Sure, what do you need? M: Not sure. Let me see what they have.

Pretoria / Tshwane

Left office @ 09h16 - At garage @09h20Left @ 09h28. - At fourways @ 09h55Left @ 10h22 - At pl. for globe @ 11h10Left @ closed-11h10 - At melrose @ 11h20Left @

Trip of awakening

Můj první výlet na jižní polokouli.

Heute ist unser letzter Tag in Südafrika. Wir haben in Kapstadt das WM-Stadion, den bunten Stadtteil Boo-Kaap und die größte Mall Afrikas, den Cannal-Walk besucht. Es war wunderschön hier. Sind jetzt am Airport und fliegen gleich nach...

The accommodation with no hot showers, noisy ceiling fan, and tidal entry issues, a great introduction to Asian accommodation.

Running away from winter for a couple of weeks.

Čtvrtá fotoexpedice IDIFu na jih Afriky, tentokrát kombinace Jihoafrické republiky a Namibie. 15 lidí, dva týdny, nádherné scenérie a já opět průvodcem.

Christmas in Cape Town and New Year's at Kruger

Eastbrook 19 - Sedgefield

Spolu s našimi poznáváme tuto celkem exotickou zemi.

A trip to West Yorkshire to see some hills and find some shoes

Het weer is vandaag nog slechter dan gister met storm, onweer, hoosbuien en onweer! Voor Kaapstad is een weerswaarschuwing afgegeven. Vanwege het slechte weer is Robben Eiland wederom afgelast. Om ondanks het slechte weer toch wat te...

With a very early start we travelled south through south Africa having a quick stop in springbok. We travelled towards highlanders camp, run by wine farmers- can't remember the region at the moment though!We had a wine tasting session with ...

Vi tog det lugnt i Pringle Bay innan vi styrde våra bilar till Hermanus. Där köpte jag ett par enkla vadlånga jeans och vi fick även handlat mat, flugsmälla och annat som är bra att ha. Sedan gick vi strandpromenaden bort och tog något...

Southern Sun

Rondreis van Johannesburg naar Kaapstad

Een 16-daagse rondreis door het oosten van Zuid-Afrika langs de prachtige natuurparken en dierenwereld van Zuid-Afrika. Tijdens deze rondreis logeren we de op de grens van het Kruger National Park en ...


To Mozambique

A real adventure with the first 8 days in Cape Town. We will then follow Route 62, the wine lands and The Garden Route. Just the itinerary to view until November 7th! Try enlarging the map and...

27-2 de wekker ging af om 7.30, ik had het gevoel dat ik nog een beetje dronken was van gister maja ik moest opstaan want ik word opgehaald om 8.00 door de bazbus om de Cape Peninsula tour te gaan doen. Deze tour duurt de hele dag, ze...

Cestování po Jižní Africe jak za jejími krásami tak za rodinou

Vakantietocht per huurauto gemaakt van 7 juli tot 4 augustus 2006 door Zuid Afrika, Botswana en Namibie met een uitstapje naar Zimbabwe en Zambia.


Ve středu 20.3 přiletěl do Windhoeku klučina z Česka a pronajal na 12 dní auto. Přesunuli jsme se do vedlejšího kempu Cardboard box, obrazili společnosti na letišti Eros a další den vyrazili na další štaci do Swakopmundu kde jich sídlí...

South Africa 2011/2012

I saw this river and I just wanted to get a closer look. I stepped closer and closer till i saw this magnificient river. The way it looked was like kinda milky looking. So I called it the Mily River.

Moon and Sixpence

auf dem weg zum sudlichsten punkt afrikas, cape agulhas


Den 0: Simuluji podminky alpskych vrcholu. Monitor neuprosne sviti a klimatizace nemilosrdne fouka. Helmut

World Cup South Africa

The Deck! Plettenberg Bay!

A trip around the world to examine how different countries are run.

Cape Town, via Denver and London.

A tour that takes us from the South Africas' Kariega Game Reserve to Cape Town, Australian Perth and its surounds, across the Great Western Desert to Ayres Rock, Darwin, the Rain Forests of Cairns,...

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