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Stomach seems to be partially under control now, so celebrated by having brunch - the breakfast buffet goes through to 11am - very civilised.Organized a late check out so we had the suite tnrough til 3pm . . . excellent rest time. Took a...

Here we are, finally off to Europe. Who would have believed I could convince Peter to get off the couch and into action? We hope you enjoy following our exciting journey as we tackle Europe for the...

Hallo allemaal. Bij deze zal ik een poging doen om iets van een blog bij te houden tijdens mijn trip in het Midden-Oosten. Om een klein voorproefje te krijgen van de trip kun je kijken op pagina 2...

Hura hura, plni sa nam sen!!! 5.2.2011 vyrazame :)

29.12 msk 30.12 warsaw 31.12 wroclaw 2.01 nurnberg 4.01 kaltenbrunnen. egg 10.01 berlin 12.01 msk


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i want to go to lonod at rhe end of this year = ) to stay there with my brother for couple weeks and come back agine freash and ready to start agine !

Back to the souq for dinner and yet another Thai restaurant. Very yummy and had to walk very slowly back to the hotel. The area looks pretty rough and messy but it is hundreds of years old. Quite safe too.

عنواني في مكان ما من هذه الارض وأنا وانت نعلم كم هي صغيرة هذه الارض وكم نحن ضيقوا الأفق ان ظنناها أكبر من حقيقتها. بل إ وجودنا فيها قصير في عمر الزمن. حقير من حيث القيمة المادية

  Après un long voyage en bus, bateau, tricycle et en jeepney, nous sommes enfin arrivés sur l'île de Malapascua! Les choses ont commençé fort et ne se sont pas tempérés! de très bonnes soirées avec la rencontre d'une super bande de...

Na pár dní na konferenci, dovolenou a další konferenci..

Just woke up, and gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night looooool

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