23 of trips including Panama

Nadat ik op 10 maart 2010 ontslag had genomen bij TNO ICT ben ik op reis gegaan. Hier kun je nalezen wat ik op deze reis heb meegemaakt, o.a. aan de hand van gps-foto's op de wereldkaart. Inmiddels...

5 mois de voyage à travers l’Amérique centrale, de Mexico à Bonaire au large du Venezuela, en passant notamment par la Colombie.

Part of a joint service round the world sailing trip. I am joining Leg 8, sailing from Auckland, NZ to Montevideo, Uruguay.

Argentina, Brazil, Peru, amazon, Cuba, Easter island.

The americas tainted by none other than Adam Ginzburg (Ginzy), Dave Rose (Diddly Doo) and me Elie Anawati (Tug)

Heute kamen wir in Alta Gracia an. Die kleine Stadt hat einen ganz besonderen Charme. Wir besuchten das alte Haus der Familie Guevara welches nun ein Museum ist. Gefiel uns sehr gut. Morgen gehts weiter in ein "deutsches" Dorf.

Kdybychom z cely kostariky viděli jenom lenochodi útulek, tak by byla Zanda spokojena. Mohla si je hladit, fotit, dokonce se na ni vesel i trinohy lenochod.

arriving at 1am , leaving at 9 am the same day

De San Blas-eilanden (Archipiélago de San Blas) zijn een archipel van 357 eilanden voor de kust van Panama. De eilanden bevinden zich voor de Caribische kust van Panama, ten oosten van het Panamakanaal. Ze maken deel uit van de Panamese...

Had a wonderful day today in Somoto. Spent the day hiking, swimming, and jumping from cliffs (25 meters baby!) thru a long deep canyon. Tomorrow Teseli park and in a day or two Honduras.

Doin it up like a baller

The role of the story includes the 17 year linksoflondon old girl Sarah, 19 year old boy Kevin, the brother of Sarah Trudy, the father of Sarah Paul and the friend of Paul Gregory. Gregory came to...

Jedeme do Miami, pak na Bahamy a pak do Seattlu.

Second trip to Bahamas this year! This time from Miami with Norwegian cruise line...


Leaving with Mishka to meet my parents in Miami, see the Hemingway place in Key West, check-out the crocodiles in Everglade, enjoy the Miami Beach in Day and Night and then board Norwegian Cruise...

  Prilet do Panama City docela prekvapeni. Hezke hlavni mesto. Historicka cast umistena na malem poloostrove se rekonstruuje a nova cast je plna vyskovych budov. Obe jsou spojeny pomerne elegantni pobrezni promenadou. Po pravde jsme...

Great flight...no one between us. Made it to our gate with an hour to spare! Going to grab food !

Went on a glass bottom boat tour( found on pier), saw flying stingrays, sealions, lots of bird and fish and rock formations.

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