18 of trips including Puerto Rico

Luperon harbor has many semi-permanent cruisers. They have scheduled events such as yoga, poker and trivia. This is the first locatin were we have been near other cruisers, and the experience has been to say the least... interesting. In...


This is where I GO TO SCHool.

This is a test to figure out how to use this thing.

Käväsin täällä hoitamassa juoksevia asioita kuntoon


Spískala to Vanessou Andreotti, brazilsko-finská pedagožka a vědkyně, když loni na semináři řekla: "Jeďme do Peru. V téhle skupině je něco zvláštního." Řekla to Vanessa, takže jedeme, mimo projekty a ...

Con hambre, esperando salir....

Gulf of California is cauld on maps but Mar de Cortes

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