Communication & Publishing

E-mail Publishing

Send content to your trip book from any email address you’ve added to your OnTheRoad account. All you need to do is to send what you want to publish from the registered email address to:


iPhone and Android Applications

Facebook, Twitter, Google Latitude and more

Start geotagging yourself and publishing travel experiences with our free iPhone or Android applications. We will geotag and timestamp all your posts, photos and videos.

Enjoy our Nearby feature and find the closest bars, hotels, or metro stations.
Share your travel adventures with your friends on Facebook! Simply publish content you want to share to your OnTheRoad account and we will update your Facebook wall with your posts, pictures, and videos. You can addour Facebook application at: http://apps.facebook.com/ontheroadto/.
You can also connect your Ontheroad account directly to your Twitter, FriendFeed or Google Latitude.

No Format Hassles

Browser Publishing

Don’t worry about having your photos or videos in the ‘right’ format to publish it and share it. Any image, video, or audio format works with OnTheRoad. We will automatically convert, format and resize your files and keep the original. You can use OnTheRoad including content uploading on any device that supports a standard web browsing functionality - your laptop, your phone or any other portable device with a web browser.

Trip Planning

Trip options

Itinerary - trip planning

You can update your trip privacy, details, schedule, design and options at any time Use our mapping feature to plan your trip and visualize where you want to go. Plan your stops and optimize your route based on nearby attractions


Easy trip book designer

OnTheRoad keeps your information secure, and only you decide whom you want to share it with. You can also choose to create a short Personal Information Number (PIN) to further secure your account. Use our trip book design feature to customize your trip books or even the pages for individual trip book posts. Going to Africa? Use our 'Africa' template or easily create a completely new look. Don’t let anything hold you back!

The OnTheRoad trip book

When you sign up, a brand new trip book with a unique personal web address is created: user. ontheroad.to. Every trip will get its own URL: user.ontheroad.to/tripbookname. Now you will have a home for all your travel adventures – your past trips or any future trips you are planning.

Automatic Geotagging

Local Weather

Some phones and cameras automatically add location information to items they create. OnTheRoad can automatically add stops to the right location on a map or just include the name of a town or a landmark (e.g. Mt. Everest) and OnTheRoad will geotag it for you. Every OnTheRoad map lets you quickly see the local weather for where you travel. When you created a schedule with our trip-planning tool, we will keep a record of the weather for all the stops on your trip.

Drag 'n Drop Sorting

Posts & Comments

OnTheRoad automatically sorts everything according to the time it’s received, but you can easily sort and display items in any order that suits you. Each message you send to OnTheRoad becomes a post in your trip book. Your posts, photos, and videos are listed in the order they’re received. Readers can comment on trip and you can instantly message them back.

Vytvoř si prezentaci

Sleduj statistiky sledovanosti

Přijel/a jsi z výletu a chceš si prohlížet své zážitky na počítaci bez závislosti na internetu? Nabízíme Ti jedinečnu možnost vytvořit si vlastní prezentaci. Hledej ve své administraci záložku "Prezentace". Chceš vidět jak moc je tvůj výlet sledovaný? Podívej se ve své adminictraci do "Statistik" a hned budeš mít přehled kolik lidí si prohlíželo tvúj výlet.

Nastav si vlastní doménu

Zálohuj si své výlety

Chceš mít svůj cestovní deník na vlastni adrese? Není to žáden problém. Ve své administraci vyhledej záložku "Vlastní doména" a nastavi si novou adresu třeba na tvejmeno.cz Chceš si pro dobrý pocit zálohovat své výlety na jinou službu? Nabízíme Ti možnost automaticky zálohovat si svá data na "Dropbox"

2-way Communication

The easiest way for your friends and family to stay in touch is to let them follow to your trip and we’ll automatically notify them every time you post something new. We’ll let you know when you get new comments from your readers and can even send your replies to them in an email.

And More...

OnTheRoad Blog

OnTheRoad Talk

Keep up with news and new features through the official OnTheRoad Blog. Learn about traveling and OnTheRoad. You can follow our blog here Do you want to talk about your trips or get help with your travel planning or your OnTheRoad account? Do you have cool ideas for new features or how to make our service better? Join our travel community at OnTheRoad Talk. It’s a fun place to be!